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Real Estate Agent? Build A Powerful Listings Portfolio For Clients, Fast!

Lystings provides real estate agents the ability to showcase their portfolio in a customizable app. Upload your listings in minutes to increase sales conversion rates, broaden outreach capabilities, and improve client-broker relationships.  

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All-in-one Solution at Your Fingertips.

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Your Team + All Your Residential & Commercial Listings Are Better Together.

Lysting's team management dashboard unifies your entire real estate team in a comprehensive listings hub. Agents can better support each other by

quickly sharing listing resources internally within the organization, privately.

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Manage Your Appointments

Built-in scheduler allows you confirm a showing / open-house appointment with a simple click.  Broadcast to your team for collaboration, or to your clients for a private showing.  Get confirmation instantly and sync to your calendar.  Never miss another appointment.


Marketing Made Easy

The only app in the world that provide you free QR-Code for each post.  Each listing will generate its own unique QR-Code for your marketing needs.  Put it on your social media, flyers, or brochures.  The options are limitless. Now let's get creative.


Monitor Your Performance

Easy to use analytics dashboard present all the necessary information on one screen.  You can easily monitor which listings are attracting the most exposure.  Effectively target that specific listing's geo-location to obtain additional organic leads.  


Trusted by the Greatest

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Hear It from Our Customers

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What a wonderful app!  I can't believe no one thought of something like this until now.  I can respond to my client's inquiry instantly by using this app.  Finally, my focus can be on getting more leads and sales.

Jamie Seto, Realtor, NY

How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier

Save time by efficiently and effective manage all listings information.



Keep all information organized and ready when requested.  Share info with other team in collaboration.

Intuitively designed to create productivity and convert more lead to sales is key.

Fosters close client-broker relationship to capture future sales and referrals.

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

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