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Powerful features to help you suceed.

Intuitively designed with features to save you time and effort, while generating more income.

Customizable Portfolio

Showcase your area of expertise.  Whether it is Residentials or Commercial Properties, personalize the dashboard to create menu of categories only for the territories you cover. 


We help you to focus on the area you can display you listing portfolio to the strongest successful rate of potential clients. 


Quickly and effortlessly share listings information across all social medias. 

Attract more attention and maximize exposures to get more leads.  

Quick access

Save time by putting Lysting's unique QR-Code on all your marketing material.  Clients are 4 times likely to scan QR-Code to check out a property when provided. 


Increase viewership on your listings by 4 times and chances of closing the deal sooner by providing this niche.


Fits All
Team Sizes

Starting with just yourself?  No problem, Lystings is scalable to fit all team sizes when you grow your team.

Add members to your team for collaboration.  Network with others for faster results.  As they always say:  "Network Equals Net Worth."  

Lystings is here to build your network in an completely new way.

Build your powerful listing portfolio now.

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