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Why Lystings?

While the real estate market is at its strongest uptrend cycle ever, most realtors, in general, are still facing the same daily hurdles hampering their revenue.  In order to achieve and maintain steady growth in the industry, here are the common problems they must solve.

How we can help.

Lead to Sales

Provide an all-in-one solution so you can focus more on selling.

Leverage on Technology to Save Time and Efforts

Build your powerful listing portfolio and present a professional image.

Network & Referral to Build Potential Clients Database

Build trust with client.  Stay connected and nuture them after closing the deal.

Digitized Information Efficiency & Performance 

Digitize all the property information and paperwork to increase productivity.

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King (Founder) and Brian (Co-Founder) has been partners in real estate for over ten years. With passion and love to help home buyers finding the dream home, and to help home sellers to find the perfect match buyers.


As experienced as they are, there are common problems in the industry throughout the years, which are to keep all listings information organized, quick access of information and the ability to connect home buyers and sellers instantly and directly. They understand that they are not the only one facing this on a daily basis, and Lystings app was born to solve this problem.


King is a Licensed Real Estate Broker with background in techology, and Brian is a Licensed Realtor, a content creator and social influencer.

Lystings has the support from Starta Ventures, a venture capital firm based in NYC.  So it's time to join King, Brian, and Starta on their journey to redefine what it means to be a powerhouse in the real estate industry with Lystings.

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Chief Executive Officer


Real Estate Broker 10+

Yrs of Experience

Real Estate Investor, Developer

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Chief Marketing Officer


Real Estate Coach,




President of International Operation


Acquisition Specialist

Business Development,

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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