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Lystings Relocation

Considered moving?  Find your next dream home with Lystings.


Lystings is proud to announce the partnership with             Viewnary to assist you on your next move.  Local real estate agents in 18 countries at your next destination and more to come (see map below.)

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Click on the button below and one of our Lystings experts will get in contact with you.

Relocation Mission

Our Relocation partners has decades of experience in each of our servicing location.  With over 78,000 local agents, and 5300+ relocation experts, we strive to provide excellence, outstanding and expertise service to help you quickly and easily.

From corporate apartments to finding a long-term home, through Lystings Relocation, you can access to national and international coverages.

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Successfully Relocated

Lucielle, Parker

My transition couldn't have been more smoother without the help by Kingston @ Lystings.  

Joanna, Luke

I'm so happy I'm moving to New York City this June.  All of the arrangement are made.  Just need to pack my bags.

Dennis, Miller

Usually I don't give testimonials, but this time I'm compelled to share the wonderful experience I've had using this relocation service. 

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